Subject: A Time For Common Sense

Dear __________,

Dave Ross wants to empower terrorists, surrender in the war on terrorism, and irresponsibly cut the U.S. Defense budget.

That's according to a recent Republican TV attack ad.

How else would the radical right characterize a Dean supporter poised to capture a seat in Congress?

That's right, Dave Ross attended his precinct caucus and signed in as a Dean supporter.

It's not surprising; both are men of critical thought and innovative action. They both -

  • address the health care crisis with practical American-style policies that directly bring health care to all Americans now,
  • see the War in Iraq as a diversion from the real threat of Osama Bin Laden, creating more terrorists abroad and less security at home, and
  • believe you can't build a secure and prosperous homeland by bankrupting the nation's budget with taxbreaks to the wealthy and corporate elite.

For Dean's straight talk, he was politically skewered by the status quo, over and over again: like a "shish kabob" on a turning rotisserie.

For Dave's straight talk, Republican extremists are now trying to do the same with their TV ads.

Fortunately, the latest poll shows Dave with a slight lead. But to keep the lead through November 2nd, it's critical to counteract Republican distortions by getting Dave's message out to voters over the next few days.

To win this race and help send House Republican leaders Tom DeLay and Dennis Hastert into retirement, Dave needs the help of all of us with common sense.

Regardless of where you live, we all need to open our purses and wallets one last time, today. It doesn't matter where you live in the state - the outcome of this race will affect the entire state and nation.

Contributors of $25 or more will receive a newly-minted and FREE "Dave Ross - Common Sense" victory button. Contributors of $75 or more can have their picture taken with Congressman Ross in Bellevue and will receive their photograph signed by Dave.

Time is very short, so please make your contribution now, and then sign up for either your free button or your autographed picture with Dave.

Most sincerely yours,

Karen Marchioro (Bellevue)      Jeff Smith (Bellevue)

Jay Keeton (Lake Forest Park)      Chris Bassett (Vancouver)      Dick Kelley (Seattle)     

Bryan Kesterson (Kent)      Mark McDonald (Greenbank)      Luis Moscoso (Mountlake Terrace)

Chad Shue (Everett)



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